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Norton Radstock Motor Racing Club


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Class 1


This class is restricted to Minis, Citroen AX and Fiat Cinquecento. No modificatons are allowed only those required by NASA safety regulations.

Class 2


Restricted saloons up to 1300cc. Limited engine and suspension modifications are allowed. All engines must breathe through a 32mm intake restrictor. Novas, Micras, Fiats and Fiestas are popular in this class.

Class 3


Front engine rear wheel drive saloons over 1420cc. You can fit any engine in any bodyshell. Popular cars are Toyota Starlets, and new cars like the Micra, 205 and Fiesta. Or the old favourite Escort.

Class 4


Modified saloons up to 1130cc. This is the smallest of the modified class. The engine must be of the type originally sold in that make of car and must be fitted in the original position. Minis and imps are popular. But new generation cars are hitting the front like Micras, 106 and Fiats.

Class 5


Modified saloons 1131cc - 1420cc. This class allows you to use any engine anywhere in the bodyshell.

Class 6


Modified front wheel drive saloons over 1420cc. Anything goes as long as it is front wheel drive

Class 7


Modified rear wheel drive saloons over 1421cc. These are the super saloons of autograss racing. You have to fit the most powerful engine you can find in to the smallest, lightest bodyshell. These cars usually run twin bike engines or V8 or V6 engines.

Class 8


Specials up to 1420cc. This is the smallest of the special classes. High revving bike engines are dominate in this class.

Class 9


Specials 1421cc - 2065cc. The motorbike engine is excluded from this class. The cars are powered by a varitey of engines like Vauxhall 16valve, Ford pinto or Fiat or Alfa Romeo Twin cams.

Class 10


Specials over 2065cc. These are the biggest of all the specials. You can run twin engine cars or put a V8 in the back.

Class 11 Ladies production class

Class 1 and 2 race together, with a handicapped start.

Class 12 Ladies modified saloons

Class 4,5 and 6 race together, with a handicapped start.

Class 13 Ladies modified saloons

Class 3 and 7 cars race together, with a handicapped start.

Class 14 Ladies specials

Class 8,9 and 10 cars race together, with a handicapped start.



Juniors who want to race a saloon car are only allowed to race a class 1 car. All drivers must pass a test of competence and safety before they can race in any junior class.

Juniors Specials


All junior specials are powered by a standard Vauxhall Corsa engine with standard geraboxes and many standard suspension components.

For more info check out the NASA website.

NASA website